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Messing up in a gymnastic exercise


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I laughed so hard

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Can someone please explain that bit to me?

It looks like a leather mouthpiece, I can’t remember the exact reason they are used for from the top of my head but I don’t think they’re very common
Yeah I assumed it to be leather or similar. I was wondering what the purpose was though, if anyone knows?
That link has a bunch of info on them. The basic idea is that they are a softer material so they mold to the mouth of the horse, so to speak. The saliva softens the material. Another big benefit that makes it tempting for me is that the leather mouthpiece is always a good temperature to put in the horse’s mouth, no worries about the bit being too cold.
I wouldn’t suggest them for everyone but I wish I had a leather bit for my gelding when I still had him.

warmblood-wanderlust thank you!
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I’ve never been so happy

when I move out im gonna keep a heard of teenies in my house like dogs and let them out in the yard and then can whinny when cars pull up or whatever

Can you house train a horse because I want a mini horse-dog.

yes you can, the mini up the street from my barn does therapy work at the hospital and he’s trained to go in a specific bucket or something when he’s indoors i’m thinking like a kiddy pool?

I must learn to do this training. I need a mini horse-dog.

I know someone who’s dog is trained to ring a bell by the door when he needs to go out to potty. Minis are very intelligent and I think you could easily teach one to do that!
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this is so real
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Sept. 6th 2014, World Equestrian Games, combined driving competition, marathon.
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bonesmccoyh: hi, i have a question (: i was wondering why english riders hold their reins so tight? i ride western, and we keep the reins very slack most of the time. every picture i see of someone riding english, i always notice that the reins are pulled tight. i realize the horses used for english riding are usually very large/high strung, and may be hard to control. i'm just very curious about this. thank you! (:


It’s not so much about the fact that the horses are high strung, its just a different style of riding. More contact is needed in english riding because if your horse is moving properly off its hind end, then you use the contact on its mouth to control your horse’s energy and direct it where you want it. I was taught that you want your horse to be like a spring, loaded with energy in the back but controlled it in the front until you decide to release it (this is especially important when jumping!). 

I’m not as familiar with western but the judges look for different things, it’s just two different styles of riding. To really find out why the two styles are so different you should look into their background, western disciplines come from ranch work, and sensibility, soundness, and the ability to do a hard days work were valued above all else. The western disciplines reflect that (well..most of them).

Hope this helped!!

I’m really not an expert on this subject but I also think it has to do with how the bits are made. English bits require a more definite contact, because the reins are closer to the horses mouth. On the other hand, a western (curb bit? idk sorry xD) doesn’t need as much contact because the position of the bit makes the reins movements more defined to the horse, even with the slack in the reins. Sorry if that didn’t make any sense xD



tbh hearing people down mares because “they’re moody” and then hearing the same people talk about staying home from school/work because their period made them feel completely awful and they didn’t want to do anything makes me laugh.

if you can have days where you feel like shit and don’t want to do anything, why is it such a horrible thing for a mare to feel the same way?

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"I think every rider has to go through a lot of low points in their riding careers before they can really be the best in the world. Right now is just my turn to go through it."My thoughts on the way home from riding. (via that-redhead-equestrian)
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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting riding her horse in show jumping in Simi Valley - August 30,2014